About The Precia Molen Weighbridges

Precia Molen offers a wide range of top quality weighbridges and has been doing so for over 50 years, this experience has allowed Precia Molen to develop and design some of the most prestigious weighbridges on the market today.  The ROC pre-cast concrete modular weighbridge is the flagship of the range, available in a range of sizes from 4m to 50m long. Its precast concrete modular design ensuring it’s durable, easy to transport and simple to install or relocate.

Also offered in the range is a top quality steel version and a lower cost Pour on Site concrete weighbridge available in both pit and surface models and other models in our range offer portability like our Axel Weigh Pads and the 7ELEM  weighbridges which ensures that there is a suitable solution for all business needs. All Weighbridges are built to the highest standard and are fully compatible with other instruments from Weight Indicators all the way up to fully Driver Operated Systems.

Precia Molen also specialises in a wide range of weighbridge software options tailored for many industries to help integrate your weighing system with your business. Our service expert team of service engineers are certified to repair, calibrate and verify your weighbridge, more information available in the service section.

See our range of weighbridges and weighbridge systems below for more information.

VS310CS Pour on site Surface Weighbridges , concrete weighbridges, modular weighbridges by Precia Molen

VS310CS Pour on site Surface Weighbridge with driver operated system


  • Weighbridges

    • ROC Modular Weighbridge

      The ROC is Precia Molen’s Flagship weighbridge. Its design using factory-cast structured concrete offers many benefits from durability to accuracy while also making it simple to install. Precia Molen are also specialists for Weighbridge Maintenance, Weighbridge Calibration and Weighbridge Service.

    • VS-210-CS Pour on Site Pit Weighbridge

      PRECIA-MOLEN’s VS-210cs weighbridge has a neat but robust design, this modular weighbridge system is pit mounted making it ideal for confined sites. The vs210cs has been designed as a versatile and economical high quality weighbridge

    • VS-310-CS Pour On-Site Surface Weighbridge

      The VS310CS is ideally suited for use as part of a complete weighing system from Precia Molen’s range covering all your needs from state of the art “Software Solutions” to help integrate your weighing and business systems to “Driver Operated Terminals” to make the process of weighing as simple as possible.

    • VS-5020-S Shering Steel Weighbridge

      The Shering VS-5020-S Steel weighbridge is an extremely versatile and Streamline design from the world leader in weighbridge technology. Its futuristic monocoque design produces a very rigid platform structure with tremendous inherent strength and durability unsurpassed in the weighbridge market.

    • Axle Weigh Pads - WWS

      Axle weigh pads - WWS can be connected to a single indicator to produce portable vehicle weighing systems (low profile weighing platforms). Possibility of using four platforms per indicator in the standard installation (extention to 8 platforms as option)...

  • Weighbridge Software

    • Weighbridge Software

      Precia Molen has developed a full range of Weighbridge Software solutions tailor made for most industries. These solutions not only manage weighing operations but also provide seamless interfaces with Accounts and ERP systems, provide stock control, detailed reporting and can manage traffic flow. All systems are available with an Automated Weighbridge interface - click on the red title for more information.

  • Automated Weighbridges

    • Automated Weighbridge

      Precia Molen offer a full range of automation options for both new and existing weighbridges. Automation of a weighbridge reduces the need for weighbridge operators as the weighings are carried out by the drivers. Automation is particularly useful for busy weighbridges and out of hour operation.