From Precia Molen – Worldwide leader in industrial weighing equipment, the MN01 Bin Weigher is revolutionising the household waste collection industry. With +75 years experience in the weighing industry our Precia Molen engineers have created a state of the art refuse collection weigh system. Our dynamic weighing program coupled with the IP68 stainless steel load cells ensures your weighing’s are accurate and quick. The system is also fully certified for trade use by Legal Metrology Ireland.


The MN01 system incorporates an RFID badge reader for automatic bin identification, the system also takes GPS lift coordinates assisting with the efficient tracking of customer’s weights. The MN01 is equipped with a GSM modem allowing the system to communicate in real-time with cloud based back office systems. (Fully integrated with Dataset accounting systems). The system is a computer-based application with 80GB of storage.




Application Software

Our MN01 system will greatly increase productivity and allow managers to improve their fleet’s efficiency.

The system helps managers by allowing them to monitor trends as well as ensuring that drivers know exactly how much weight they have onboard, this will allow them to know precisely when the optimum time to unload the waste is. The system also allows each individual customer to be billed for the exact amount of waste they are collecting rather than on a per lift basis.


  • This robust system is compatible with most bin lifting equipment and uses the highest quality components which are built to last, the loadcells are manufactured using stainless steel to avoid damage and to ensure weights remain accurate when working in arduous environments. All parts for the system are in stock in our warehouse meaning that time is not wasted waiting for shipments to arrive if there is a service issue with any components included in the MN01 system.


  • The system has the ability to store the company’s entire black and white lists on the truck as a result of the large storage offered by the industrial computer. Black lists shows all the customers who’s accounts are on stop and white lists show all customers who’s accounts are fully paid. This means that drivers do not have to download the collection route to a card manually and it also means that the trucks are easily interchangeable as each truck has all the necessary data onboard reducing down time and inefficiency’s.


Service In Ireland


Service, Calibration and Verification

Our six Precia Molen service technicians are located all over Ireland and are fully trained and equipped to carry out all repairs and service for the MN01 as well as being fully certified by Legal Metrology Ireland to calibrate and verify the system. Our skilled service team strives to respond fast to issues and our software technicians can remotely connect and fix most issues without the need to actually go out to site for repairs.



 Precia Molen – Refuse Bin Weigher


Precia Molen - Bin Weigher

Precia Molen – Bin Weigher