Precia Molen provides solutions to your weighing and weighing related issues for use in all industry sectors.

Utilising our versatile programmable I410 Graphic Terminal or our user- friendly I700 Touchscreen Terminal systems for Traceability, Labelling, Recipe Control & Recording, Bag & Barrel Filling, Level Control, Advantage Weight and Asset ID & Weighing in businesses ranging from Food Production to Logistics or from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing to Recycling Service Providers.


  • Traceability

A very large drinks producer has installed an I410 based solution for traceability of ingredients used in the production process for their cream liqueur products. The incoming parcels of ingredients are labelled within manufacturer batch codes and production dates in barcode format. These are read into the terminal using a barcode scanner while the parcel contents are being unloaded into vessels which will be used within the manufacturing process.

These vessels are also weighed as they are being filled from the parcels and once the target weight has been achieved a label is printed from the I410 terminal which includes the manufacturer batch and date codes from the ingredients parcels used and also the weight of ingredients within the vessel – all in barcode format. This data is scanned and recorded when the vessel contents are used further along the production chain.


  • Labelling

The world leader in the manufacture of computer chips has installed a weighing and labelling solution created by Precia Molen to track incoming shipments on pallets. These have a manufacturer order number in barcode format which is read into the I410 Terminal using a handheld scanner.

The location in the sequence of pallets for that incoming order, e.g. pallet number of one of five pallets, is generated through the I410 software and along with the weight of the pallet is recorded and printed onto a label.

The barcode on this label now includes the original order number, the pallet number and the weight of the applet. This data is used during the storage and transport process for identification and stock purposes.



  • Recipe Control

Precia Molen I700 MRC is a specially designed program for managing recipes including ingredient tolerance checks and recipe steps to dedicated accuracies. Full traceability and management of batches including batch valid periods is in-built.

The MRC program can operate in stand- alone mode or can be incorporated into a Network connecting to other I700 terminals, PCs, printers or interfaced with ERP systems for downloading works orders, exporting results, etc.

Precia Molen I410 has a number of ‘off the shelf’ programs available for recipe control including SDU (Single product dosing) and MDU (Multiple product dosing) along with customised programs can be designed to suit any application.


  • Level Control

A large generic pharmaceuticals manufacturer has used the I410 solution from Precia Molen to carry out periodic checks on the levels of product contained within the various vessels used for their production processes.

The I410 enables the alphanumeric batch code and product code to be inputted and for the weight, time and date to be recorded at the touch of a button. This data can be printed onto a connected tally roll printer or can be recorded to a USB key from which the data can be downloaded at any time for reporting purposes.


  • Average Weight

A leading confectionary manufacturer has installed the Precia Molen I700 SQC solution to manage their Average Weight Legislation requirements. Using the I700 Touchscreen Terminals connected to Trade Approved Scales including low capacity high accuracy Balances the SQC software ensures adherence with Average Weight regulations while also reducing costly ‘product giveaway’.

The solution includes twelve networked terminals providing real-time data to supervisors including reports and graphs while also displaying the statistical results on large screens above the production lines enabling real-time intervention if required.

Significant savings due to reduced product giveaway have been accrued since the introduction of the I700 SQC solution.


  • Track & Weigh

The recycling partner for Dublin Airport Authority tracks and weighs the waste and recycling produced by each of the outlets and departments within the airport buildings. This enables recording of waste/ recycling generated by each user and the subsequent charging on a ‘producer pays’ basis.

The process works as follows; when the bin is being delivered to the outlet the recycling company operative uses a handheld device loaded with our software to input the outlet details and location. Once done the operative scans the barcode affixed to the bin and this records the bin id and bin type against the previously inputted outlet identification.

This data is updated via wireless to the server based database.

When the bin is collected it is brought to one of the two recycling areas within the airport and is moved onto a Precia Molen platform weighing scales. These scales are fitted with I410 Terminals which identify the bin from the affixed barcode and thus identifies the outlet where it originated