Precia Molen offer a full range of automation options for both new and existing weighbridges. Automated Weighbridges reduce the need for weighbridge operators as the weighings are carried out by the drivers.


Automation is particularly useful for busy weighbridges and out of hour operation. All weighbridges in the Precia Molen range can be converted to an Automated Weighbridge System ensuring that all our systems can cut your costs using this new efficient technology.

  • Driver consoles

    • BI WIN - Touch Screen Driver Terminal

      The BI WIN is a modern weighbridge Touch Screen Driver Terminal which forms part of a weighing management system. It has an integral "fanless" industrial PC running under Windows XP®. It enables weighing operations to be carried out without the need for an operator and features automatic identification and printing systems...

    • BI 400 Driver Operated Terminal

      The BI 400 Driver Operated Terminal is designed to combine a weighing instrument, an interface to drivers, and a traffic management tool. Fully controlled by a remote PC via an Ethernet connection, it ensures traceability of weighing operations, without limiting site operating hours or operator presence...