Weighing pallet truck scale X-TRA-L

The immediate advantage of the X-TRA-L weighing pallet truck scale in the PRECIA-MOLEN range is that it weighs pallets or containers during handling.
The X-TRA-L weighing pallet truck combines a precise weighing system with a high quality pallet truck. Its functions keypad can be used to control simple weighing , totalization and part counting operations, and the results can be printed. The X-TRA-L has been designed for intensive use, is resistant to shocks, and is sealed and protected against dust and moisture. Its battery module is very quickly changed and is designed for a life of about 8 hours including use of the integrated printer.

Capacity: 2000 kg

  • Multi-interval graduation:
    – 0 to 200 kg ………….. graduation 0,2 kg
    – 200 to 500 kg ………. graduation 0,5 kg
    – 500 to 2000 kg …….. graduation 1,0 kg
  • Maximum error : 0,1% of the weighed weight
  • Available for commercial transactions


  • Manual and automatic correction of zero
  • Gross, Tare and Net functions
  • Manual and automatic tare, reminder of the last 10 manual tares
  • Entry of a 6-digit code and reminder of the last 10 codes
  • Counting with known unit weight, reminder of the last 10 unit weights
  • Totalization
  • RS232 output
  • Internal clock
  • Error display
  • Automatic cut-off after 60 minutes non-use (programmable)
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