VS-310-CS Pour On-Site Surface Weighbridge

About The VS310CS

The VS310CS is the Flagship of the Precia Molen concrete weighbridge range, with its simple, cost effective and robust surface mounted design, it has been engineered to operate in harsh environments making it ideal for many Irish Industries…

The VS310CS is also very low maintenance due to its sealed concrete platform, minimal moving parts and high quality materials used in construction, unlike many other surface Weighbridges.

The load cells are stainless steel, hermetically sealed and renowned for their reliability, durability and weighing accuracy.

Key Features

  • Composite concrete and steel platform.
  • Simple, cost effective design.
  • Being a surface weighbridge its easy to install, maintain and re-locate if necessary.
  • Very low profile structure.


All steel parts shot blasted to SA 2.5, it is given one coat of primer and one of loss top coat, with a total thickness of 110 microns. Junction box is made of standard aluminium, the mechanical support parts are made of stainless steel.

Weighbridge Systems

The VS310CS surface weighbridge is ideally suited for use as part of a complete weighing system from Precia Molen’s range covering all your needs from state of the art “Software Solutions” to help integrate your weighing and business systems to “Driver Operated Terminals” to make the process of weighing as simple as possible.

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