VS-210-CS Pour on Site Pit Weighbridge

About The VS210CS

PRECIA-MOLEN’s reputation for innovation and sharp focused product engineering is backed up with the VS-210cs, a modular pit weighbridge system utilizing an economical construction, yet providing a high weight capacity.

Purpose built to meet the requirements of most vehicle weighing applications, the VS-210cs combines great flexibility with significant reductions in installation, maintenance and relocation costs. Flexibility is inherent in the weighbridge’s design, based on interlocking modules of different dimensions with combined steel/concrete deck. These can be linked together in various combinations to create a wide range of dimensions and weighing capacities.

This weighbridge is built to last and to provide accurate weighing using its top quality load cells from the leaders in weighbridge technology – Precia Molen.

Key Features

  •  Low profile in ground/ pit weighbridge with platform flush to ground
  •  Composite concrete and steel platform
  •  Unique restraining system provides total freedom for traffic to maneuver in any direction
  •  Cost effective design with minimal moving parts
  •  Easy to install, maintain and re-locate if necessary
  •  Precia-Molen CSP-M-C3 series stainless steel loadcells.


The VS-210cs pit weighbridge can be easily relocated to maximize the original capital investment.
The reliability, accuracy and versatility are further endorsed by the use of high precision PRECIA-MOLEN stainless steel load cells and complete compatibility with a comprehensive range of PRECIA-MOLEN weighing indicators, terminals and data management systems.

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