Transmitter I 400 – I 410 Range


The Transmitter is an element of the PRECIA-MOLEN I 400 and I 410 range. It enables :

  • direct connection of 1 to 4 load cells* for installation close to the load receptor,
  • analog/digital conversion and sending weight information through the field bus,
  • all weighing functions on the associated scale : setting the tare, zero, measurement stability, permanent calculation of the flow with configuration of the response time, multi-slope calibration, calculation of the weight in multi-increment, etc…

The I 400 – I 410 transmitter is protected according to IP 67, and is available in two versions :

  • I 400 TB Black zinc plated steel model.
  • I 400 TB-S Stainless steel model.

It may be provided with an optional inputs/outputs card for locally providing 6 logical inputs, 6 logical outputs and 1 analog output controlled through the field bus.

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