ROC Modular Weighbridge

  • ROC Weighbridge About the ROC

The ROC is Precia Molen’s Flagship modular weighbridge.It’s design using factory-cast structured concrete offers many benefits from durability to accuracy while also making it simple to install


  • It’s Modular Design

It’s modular weighbridge design means that the bridge can be easily installed or relocated as no single section of the bridge weighs more than 8 tones and it can be installed within 24 hours including testing.

The bridge itself is available in a range of different sizes as extra deck modules can be added to lengthen it. It’s low profile design means the bridge can be installed in the ground with minimal prior civil works.


  • Key Features

It’s updated design allows traffic in all directions making the bridge ideal for sites with limited space.

It’s finish is to the highest standard and is equipped with galvanise inspection hatches, and other innovative solutions to minimise corrosion, shocks, overloads and vibrations. European conformity is also guaranteed for its load cells as it is fully compliant to the definition of a typical load receptor as per the WELMEC 2.4 guide.


  • ROC Modular Weighbridge and your business

The ROC is well suited for use as part of a complete weighing system. Precia Molen’s range is ideal as

It can be incorporated with a wide range of instruments from driver operated terminals to make the process of weighing as simple as possible, to full software solutions specific to your industry to help integrate your ‘weighing’ with your ‘business systems’.

Precia Molen are also specialists for Weighbridge Maintenance, Weighbridge Calibration and Weighbridge Service.

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