The Precia Molen Software System has been designed to meet the needs of a modern Quarry. In addition to recording the standard details for each transaction the software designed for the operation of a quarry and has the following features:

  • Multi sites per customer
  • Customer Pricing
  • Vehicle pre-programming
  • Weighbridge Automation



The Precia Molen Software System also has the following features available to make the system easier to use:

  • Suitable for installation on the ‘Cloud’ or on an RDS server
  • Customised tickets and reports
  • Facility to export or email reports
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Customised interface with SAGE, Exchequer, TASBooks and many other systems


Did you know that Precia Molen also offer the following:


  • Weighbridge service, repair and calibration for all makes of weighbridges
  • Weighbridge verification as Authorised by NSAI
  • Driver operated terminals (indoor and Outdoor)
  • A full range of platform and bench scales
  • Belts scales and hoper scales
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