MBW Modular belt weigher

The MBW Belt Weigher scale can be easily fitted on any stringer conveyor by using one of the existing idler stations. It has particularly designed for bulk weighing, flow measurement and day production totalling during extraction, processing, prestorage phases, etc.
This product is adapted to all activity sectors using belt conveyors:
– extraction industry (minerals, aggregates, coal…),
– mineral industry (phosphate, fertilizers, cement…),
– agri-business (cereals, bagasse, sugar…),
– chemical industry (salts, PVC, washing powders…),
– wood industry,
– bio-mass,
– recycling,
– crushing,

The MBW belt weigher scale is made up of oven-painted steel with RAL5012 thermo-hardening powder paint granting perfect protection
against environmental induced aggressions. It is also available in 304L or 316L stainless steel version.

The MBW belt weigher is mainly made up of:


– 2 load cell blocks  designed for continuous weighing each fitted with an IP68 stainless steel strain gauge load cell.
These blocks include shock absorbers in case of large particle sizes and an overload mechanical stop, as well as a cunning idler station alignment device.
– 2 section-adapted metal cross-bars (2) to connect the load cell blocks to the conveyor.
– 2 fastening spikes (3) to fasten the various types of idler station onto the scale.

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