I 410 SDU Single Dosing Unit Software

The I 410 SDU Single dosing unit software satisfies most needs to produce a product dose by making a weight check in the industrial environment.
It enables simultaneous management of 1 to 4 single constituent dosing processes. Independent parameter settings are possible for each process :
– metrological characteristics of the measurement channel,
– dosing type : loading, unloading, possible management of big-bag unloading,
– assignment of inputs/outputs,
– set points file,
– printed information,
– etc…
At the same time as the dosing functions, the I 410 system checks and monitors thresholds and tolerances on each channel such as :
– the check on dosing as a function of the capacity and a full limit before starting dosing,
– the dosing check carried out on the gross or net value of the weight,
– tolerance check on doses made,
– dosing in automatic cycles (in loading mode),
– automatic correction of in-flight error,
– the tare type used to record the weight of the package or the container,
– the flow check.
– multi-cycle operation.

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