I 410 MBS (Multi Belt Scale) Multiple-channel software for continuous weighing

The multiple-channel software I 410 MBS (multi-belt scale) has been designed to measure variable-capacity flows of all bulk products without any capacity limit. It is connected to transmitters (from 1 to 8).
Each transmitter integrates a board measuring weight and acquiring running speed of the conveyor belt. The link between the terminal and the transmitters is ensured by a CAN Open fieldbus (up to 500 metres).


The I 410 MBS system manages 4 levels of intervention. Each level offers or not access to certain functions of use or setting/configuration of the indicator. See the installation manual of the I 410 BS terminal (04-43-00 MI).
Hardware configuration
Using the I 410 MBS software requires the following minimum :
• an I 410 BS terminal.
• an I 400 TB BS transmitter, fixed onto the continuous weighing infrastructure to which the strain gauge load cells of this infrastructure is connected, as well as a conveyor belt speed detector or i40 BS indicator.
Each I 400 TB BS transmitter or i40 BS indicator can be connected to any type of continuous weighing infrastructure.


It enables to connect:
• The strain gage sensors of the continuous weighing infrastructure.
• A conveyor belt speed detector.

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