I 410 Graphic Terminal I 410 D / D-S / D-T

The I 410 Graphic Terminal is part of the PRECIA MOLEN I 410 range. It is the central man/machine interface item.
It encloses a wide software library to meet most needs related to dosing, tolerance check, check weighing, continuous totalling, etc…
Moreover, with its PLC-oriented software workshop, a specific application can be developed to perfectly adapt to:

  • existing equipment (PLC, field bus, protocol, …),
  • specific functionalities (production chain peripheral commands, data acquisition and processing, …),
  • IT interconnections (outsourced information feedback and processing).

Depending on the application, the terminal can be connected to various external weight transmitters or be equipped with internal measurement boards that turn the terminal into a multi-channel weight indicator.


The I 410 graphic terminal range is made up of the various models below.

  • I 410 D: panel-mounted terminal in cabinet or console.
  • I 410 D-S: terminal in waterproof stainless steel casing adapted to a use nearest the work station as possible in harsh environments.
  • I 410 D-T: terminal for tabletop use.

All these terminals are available in digital or alphanumeric keyboard versions.

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