Transmitter TC IO I 400

The I 400 TC-IO transmitter is part of the PRECIA-MOLEN I 410 range. It enables:

  • The direct connection of a weight sensor or up to 8 sensors by means of an external junction box,
  • Analogue/digital conversion and sending of weight information via the CAN Open native field bus,
  • All the weighing functions on the associated measurement channel: calibration, zeroing, weighing stability, continuous flow rate calculation with response time configuration, multislope calibration, multi-range weighing, etc.,
  • Local or remote management for 2 inputs and 2 logical outputs as well as a 4-20 mA analogue output,
  • Easy integration on DIN rail at the back of the box or cabinet.

The transmitters are simply clipped onto the profile. They are guided mechanically by the connector. The insertion of the connector-bus into the profile (Omega rail) and the assembly of the transmitter enables the continuity of the CAN bus and the power supply. This design enables complete individual transmitters to be removed without interrupting the field bus contact chain.

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