i 400 Programmable weighing indicator

High performance weighing system with industrial field bus interface

The I400 Programmable Indicator provides a unique and innovative solution to the integration of weight measurement in any industrial process.

Its modular design is built around the CAN OPEN field bus. The I400 is made of three main components:

  • A weight TRANSMITTER located near the weight sensor that ensures the immediate digitization of the signal avoiding any electromagnetic disturbances
  • A graphic TERMINAL connected to one or several TRANSMITTERS
  • A communication device to field buses: DeviceNET, Profibus and Ethernet (TCP/ip), MODBUS…

Optional additional features: I/0 connections, RS 232, RS422/485 and USB ports, 4-20mA analogue outputs, USB key for data storage and product traceability.

The I400 programmable indicator allows the integration of all CAN Open compatible components or equipment: remote I/O’s, frequency inverters, servo valves…

The metrological performance of the I400 programmable indicator complies with the most stringent industrial processes in terms of speed, multirange capabilities, signal filtering performance.

All components of the I400 programmable indicator can be installed within ATEX hazardous areas with a possible connection to peripherals located outside the hazardous area.

Provided with a software package compliant with IEC 1131 standard, the I400 programmable indicator offers standard PRECIA-MOLEN application software and allows PLC programmers to easily create their own application.

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