I 200 B/M ATEX Indicator

The I 200 ATEX indicator is adapted for weighing installations in hazardous areas. It complies with the ATEX 94/9/CE directive and may be installed in hazardous areas for risks related to the presence of dust (zone 20, 21 or 22) or gas (zone 1 or 2).

The I 200 Ex indicator power supply may be different depending on your installation and operation constraints :

  • Power supply with intrinsic safety outside hazardous areas : ISIS 2
  • An I200 Ex P1/P1-S power supply in hazardous areas.
  • A BATSI rechargeable battery for mobile weighing stations.

The I 200 Ex indicators range is composed of two models :

  • I 200 B Ex (Counting, Preset tare,etc.)
  • I 200 M Ex (Simple weighing : reception, shipping, transport, etc.

Counting with or without tolerance control, Formulation, Control + -, Animal weighing, Calculation, …). Memorization of 10 preset tare values. As an option, I 200 Ex indicators are provided with a data storage device in which all weighings made can be recorded, thus avoiding the addition of a control printer (tally roll printer). The I 200 Ex indicator is all 304 L STAINLESS STEEL and is specially designed for severe industrial environments.

It is protected according to IP 66* rate (dus tight and resistant to water jets), and this model is ideal for satisfying hygiene and cleanliness requirements of the agronomic-food processing industry, and Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries.

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