Feed Mills

The Precia Molen Software System has been designed to meet the needs of a modern Animal Feed Mill. In addition to recording the standard details for each transaction the software designed for the operation of Feed Manufacturing and has the following features:

  • Purchase Contract Management
  • Feed ales orders
  • Feed ticket with Department of Agricultural labelling
  • Printing of bag labels
  • Big bag weighing
  • Integration with production facilities
  • Stock Control
  • Cash receipts module for cash transactions
  • Advanced credit control using our Pre-Paid module
  • Harvest Grain module


Precia Molen Grain Yard Belt Scale

Precia Molen Belt Scale

The Precia Molen Software System also has the following features available to make the system easier to use:

  • Weighbridge automation
  • Cash receipts module
  • Pre-paid module
  • Suitable for installation on the ‘Cloud’ or on an RDS server
  • Customised tickets and reports
  • Facility to export or email reports
  • Electronic signatures
  • Customised interface with SAGE, Exchequer, TASBooks and many other systems


Did you know that Precia Molen also offer the following:

  • Weighbridge service, repair and calibration for all makes of weighbridges
  • Weighbridge verification as authorised by NSAI
  • Driver operated terminals (indoor and outdoor)
  • A full range of platform and bench scales
  • Belts scales and hopper scales
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