Digital compression load cell CDL

The CDL Digital compression load cell uses the measurement principle by distortion of beams submitted to a compression strain. It uses strain gauges mounted in Wheatstone bridges for the conversion of strength into an electrical signal.
The CDL has been designed to be little sensitive to load offcentring while keeping small dimensions.
Made of Stainless Steel (304L), the CDL is waterproof in prolonged immersion (IP68) and high pressure cleaning (IP69K).


Digital technology


Digital technology offers measurement accuracy closest to the load to weigh, measurement conversion is performed within the load cell itself, the load cell sends a digital value. Therefore, the distance between the weighbridge and the indicator has no more influence on the quality of the information. So the 15-m long connection cable can be shortened according to installation requirements thus preventing cable strands under the weighbridge.
Another advantage of digital technology lies in the set-up of a load cell network. The balancing of the weighbridge is performed more easily by a configuration of the load cell as opposed to a lengthy and delicate adjustment using potentiometers as in analog technology. All data are stored into the load cell but also in the indicator. Therefore, besides a fast detection of faulty weighbridge, replacing a load cell is easier as it only takes a transfer of all stored data into the new load cell for the weighbridge to be instantly functional.


Totally waterproof

Due to its absence of detachable connection, this load cell is totally waterproof as proved by tests by a certified body. This load cell perfectly works in water for a prolonged time (IP68). Furthermore,
the CDL Digital compression load cell can be cleaned by high pressure jet (IP69K) which eases the maintenance and sustainability of your weighbridge.

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