CKW 410 LOG Logistic checkweigher

The CKW 410 LOG checkweigher is designed for the weight acquisition of automatically conveyed products as well as the transmission of this information to a PLC-type or management PC external device.
Its robust design and its measurable load capacity makes it particularly adapted to logistics.
– Dynamic or static weight measurement.
– Tolerance check.
– Missing product check.
– Order compliance check.
– Transport fee estimation.
– Legal for trade or non trade use.
– Field bus or serial mode communication.
– Eased integration into the handling line.
– Available in standard version or stainless steel version.

Operator Interface of the Checkweigher
User-friendly I410 terminal including a backlit graphic screen and a 10-function key keyboard.
The terminal is available in 2 versions:
* I410 D to be integrated in a remote box or cabinet
*I410 D-S in an IP66 stainless steel box mounted on the conveyor by a column.

Mechanical build of the CKW 410 LOG Checkweigher
– PVC belt: 400 or 600 mm length on slider bed.

– Length: 800, 1000 or 1200 mm.

– Height: 700 or 800 mm +/-50 mm fine adjustment.

– 50 Hz speed: 30 m / min (adjustable by frequency inverter).

– Maximum pace: 60 parcels per minute.

– Balanced bi-conical Ø 80 motor drum.

– Balanced bi-conical Ø 50 rear drum.

– Mounting on 4 stainless steel load cells.

– Weight measurement cell.

– Painted or stainless steel build.


European conformities

  1. 2006/42/EC directive related to machines.
    2004/108/EC directive related to electromagnetic compatibility.
    2006/95/EC directive related to low voltage equipment.
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