Beam Scales – R2 Range

Beam scales in the R2 range are adapted to weighing most packagings for the material or the associated infrastructure.

They may be used with any PRECIA-MOLEN weighing indicators and transmitters, and are thus suitable for all weighing applications.

They are designed to perform a large number of weighing applications through the possible combination of all weighing indicators and transmitters in the PRECIA-MOLEN range.

There are only four capacities of R2 weighing bars for internal (non-trade use).
– 300 kg / 100 g
– 600 kg / 200 g
– 1 500 kg / 500 g
– 2 t / 1 kg

Weighing bars in the R2 range are delivered in pairs and are equipped with a 3 m cable between bars and a 6 m connection cable to the indicator.

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