Automated Weighbridge

All versions of the Precia Molen Software System can be fully automated to be operated by the vehicle driver. Since 2000 Precia Molen has automated over 100 weighbridges covering almost all industries. Based on this experience Precia Molen has developed a simple system of automation which can be applied to almost any business. The benefits of automation:

Our Automated Weighbridge System has the following features:

  • Freeing up valuable resources in busy offices otherwise tied up repetitively weighing vehicles
  • Faster than operator weighing
  • Eliminates the need for offices or operators for remote and quite weighbridge
  • Fully integration with barriers and traffic control systems
  • Logging and traceability on actions of drivers
  • Perfect for out of hours and weekend work
  • Cement production
  • Chemical production
Driver Operated System

Driver Operated System

Precia Molen’s driver operated system can save your businesses money as this system allows the driver to take the weighing, meaning no operator is needed. This system is ideal for out of hour operations.

Precia Molen have standard solutions designed specifically for the following industries:

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