Traceability Of Ingredients For The Drinks Industry

Precia Molen have provided a solution for weighing, recoding and tracking batches of powder used as an ingredient in the production of Cream Liqueur Beverages.

Comprising the versatile Precia Molen I400 Programmable Weighing Terminal connected to a stainless steel Precia Molen R1GM Platform Scale the system enables recording of the original manufacturer’s batch code and production date barcodes on the incoming bags of powder, by means of a barcode scanner connected to the I400 Terminal, while they are being introduced into the production process.

The process begins with weighing the powder from bags into a special container. Once weighed into the container the original batch code(s) and manufacture date(s) (there may be more than one bag used to fill a container) and the date and the weight of ingredient (now in the container) is printed in barcode format on a connected P985 thermal transfer label printer. The label is attached to the container and is then moved into production.

This enables the production staff to electronically identify each container of ingredients used, including the weight, and to trace those ingredients back to the original manufacturer’s batch number and date of manufacture.